R A D I O / M E D I A .

With 15 years of major market radio experience, Darren Rose (past work includes 98.7FM, 103.1 I Heart Austin89.9 Today’s Rock) has seen countless artists come and go through the music industry.  Those who stick around always share the same quality and Darren will help you harness it!  Having worked closely with record labels, agents and managers and hosted well over a thousand interviews with all forms of artists, Darren is an expert in media training and networking.  Take advantage of this priceless opportunity to sit down with Darren and gain knowledge and understanding about taking your project to the next level level.  

Darren Rose offers:

• Interview coaching

• Building a story and your brand through radio

• Finding your audience:  how to find interviews and other platforms for exposure

• Approaching radio:  how to start, where to start

For more info, Darren's full resume & music submissions please email:                 
 E. diamondsunderfire@yahoo.com