Producer Vanessa Silberman does an excellent job capturing the band’s sound and their rougher edges are appealingly framed on this song (TV Hat).
— (Review of The Magnifers 'For The People' EP)

D I Y A R T I S T B L O G.

I N S T A G R A M.

A Diamond Heart Production.                                         

Owner / Creative / A&R: Vanessa Silberman


A Diamond Heart Production is an Artist Development Label, Recording, Music & Publishing Company. Vanessa works closely with bands and artists to help them develop different aspects of their career focusing on everything from over all Artist Development, Recording, Music to Release Plans, PR, Booking, Art / Image, Grass Roots Marketing and Branding.

The label also offers a very community driven home and spirit on the label side as well distribution (Symphonic) for releases. The label prides its self on being a Artist Friendly Music Company with Old School Record Label Traits & a New School State of Mind in the digital age. 

Vanessa Silberman's Background.

Vanessa Silberman is a Los Angeles based Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, independent A&R, Record Producer, Engineer, Graphic Artist, & Entrepreneur. 

Having worked in the music industry for over 17 years, both as an artist and on the business-side, Vanessa has done everything from Online / Street Marketing (Epitaph Records, Nettwerk Music, V2, WBR)  to freelance A&R and Scouting artists for Radio Tech Start-up ( and various publishing companies. Vanessa has also worked regularly or on sessions at some numerous studio’s around thew world (Studio 606 *8028 Sound City Neve, The Village, BOP Recording Studio, Fireside Sound, Mad Oak, Jamdek) and assisted Music Execs like Warner Brothers Records past COO CO/President Livia Tortella as well as assisted, set up partnerships and production coordinated for Music Producer & Songwriter Dr. Luke. She also has done Publishing Royalties (Bug Music / Windswept), made Budgets, Contracts & Advanced Tours for Bands (Redbird MGMT) as well as Tour Managed, Settled Shows, Operated Doors or sold Merch at some of the most popular venues (Bootleg, Troubadour, Silverlake Lounge) in LA. Vanessa has covered a lot of ground, had just about every job in the industry and worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Visit Vanessa's Allmusic Credits.

With a unique background Vanessa can give both artists & industry work & insight that is both effective & different from the norm. 

Vanessa's most recent independent Recording and Production credits range from (More info / updates coming soon): Engineering for Tony Visconti • Philly songwriter Peter Evans • LA punk band The Damed • LA rock pop grunge band Ramonda Hammer • Boston rock artist Carissa Johnson • Los Angeles rock pop alternative punk band Wavebreaker • New York punk garage grunge band EX-Girlfriends (members of Sharkmuffin) • Boston garage indie blues rock trio Ski Bunny • Boston progressive indie rock sister band Circus Trees • New York Pop Soul R&B songwriter violinist producer Margot • San Francisco psych punk garage songwriter Jimmy Dias • Chicago rock band The Punch • Netherlands Pop Disco Sarcastalites • Atlanta musician & illustrator Keith E. Lee • Chicago Punk Rock sibling band The Magnifiers • Assistant Engineering The KillsPartnering with Record Label: Tshukudu / Bop Recording Studio for a Artist Development Recording project working with Hip Hop group: Hash One from the Mafikeng, South Africa • Plus more!